D64 Race Standings

The Open Modified, Open Stock, Sportsman, and the Feature Race classes are all point scoring series'. Points are awarded for performance.  Racers can join the series whenever they want and don't need to race in every race, but the more races a racer enters, the better chance they have at winning the championship.

Points will be awarded as follows:
10 points for 1st place
9 points for 2nd place
8 points for 3rd place
7 points for 4th place
6 points for 5th place
5 points for 6th place
4 points for 7th place
3 points for 8 place
2 points for 9 place
1 point for 10th place

If more than one car is entered by a racer, only the top finishing car will score points toward the racers 2019 Season point total. While a racer's other cars will not score any points for them, it could cause another racer to not score as many points. ie if a racer has a 1st place car and a 2nd place car, they will only score 10 points towards their point total for the first place car.  Nobody will get 9 points for second place.  The 3rd place finisher will get 8 points.

Feature Race Standings

Open Modified Standings

Open Stock Standings

Modified Street

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