Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hot Wheels Racing League Championship Series 2015 Tracks

Color Country Speedway

The Color Speedway is a 4 lane track with a timer finish line.  It is made from Hot Wheels orange track. It can be multiple lengths but most common are 18 and 30 feet.  It has a 30" high drop that is 8 feet long.

Here is some action on the Color Country Speedway. This set-up was 18 feet.  For the HWRL 2015 Championship Series it will be extended to 30 feet.

The Hill

The Hill is used for the King of the Hill contest as well as other races.  It is a two lane drag track made from seamless Hot Wheels orange track.  It is 14.5 feet long.  It has a 24" high drop that is 4 feet long.  It has a timing system finish line.

Here is some action on The Hill

Thunder Road

Thunder road starts off about 5 feet of the ground.  The cars race down Hot Wheels orange track to a transition to sizzlers fat track where they race though two 180 degree turns and two 90 degree turns as the track continues to slope downhill to the bottom.

Here is some preview action during the design and build stage on Thunder Road.  The track has since been completed.

Hazzard County Drag 'n' Fly Derby

The Hazzard County Drag 'n' Fly Derby is a two lane track with a 34" high, 6 foot long drop.  After the drop the cars race up a 6" high jump across a 22" gap to land on sizzler fat track for a race to the finish.

The inspiration...

The Baja Track

Coming soon...

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