Friday, February 26, 2016

Hot Wheels Fantasy Pick'em - Season 1 Championship Bracket

We've reached the end of the regular season.  This championship bracket is the last chance to score points before we crown a winner. This bracket will feature all eight regular season winners.  Be sure to join us for season 2 with 32 new cars to be raced.  Here is the line-up for races in the championship bracket of the Hot Wheels Fantasy Pick'em game.

The Cars

Corvette Grand Sport Roadster

Bullet Proof

'15 Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Great Gatspeed

2015 Ford Mustang GT

Nitro Tailgater

HW Rapid Responder

Lamborghini Urus

The Match-ups

Corvette Grand Sport Roadster vs. Bullet Proof
'15 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 vs. Great Gatspeed
Nitro Tailgator vs.2015 Ford Mustang GT
HW Rapid Responder vs.  Lamborghini Urus

The picks


Well, there you have it!  Nitro Tailgater and the Corvette coming down to the wire with a photo finish.  All the Corvette Grand Sports I've had have been quite speedy, but I thought the Nitro Tailgator definitely had it's work cut out for it.  However, my sister had a 2015 Nitro Tailgater that was pretty fast last year, so I knew it had potential.  In the end, it was the electronic finish line that declared the winner as it was too close to call with the naked eye.  Out of the 32 cars raced in Season 1 of the Hot Wheels Pick'em game, Nitro Tailgater turned out to be the fastest!

The Team standings also came down to a photo finish. Heading into this final bracket the top of the standings were pretty tight, but with extra points up for grabs, it was anybody's game.  Hollie made a late run winning the bracket and missing only one pick, but it was ScootysHotWheels with a big bracket this week to pull out the come from behind win and claim the top spot in the standings for Season 1.  Congratulations ScootysHotWheels!  You can check out the complete standings HERE.

Season 2 of the Hot Wheels Pick'em game will be starting soon.  We'll take a week off and then be back at it with the first races posted on March 19th.  In the meantime, buy some cars, do some testing and we'll see you soon for Hot Wheels Pick'em!


  1. I'm calling BULL SHIT !!!!! The Rapid Responder kicks ass all over any version of the Nitro Tailgater and The Corvette will blow it away any day of the week. Even without wheels!!!!!

    1. Haha, perhaps I just happened to get a really fast one. I'll have to pick up another Nitro Tailgater and do a little experimenting. Even though I don't show it in the videos, I always race the cars in both lanes and make sure it wins in both lanes in consecutive races. The Nitro Tailgater beat the Corvette by about half a car length in the other lane.


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