Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hot Wheels Holiday Rip'n'Race

Hey, we got a cool race coming up, the Hot Wheels Holiday Rip’n’Race. You can enter up to 2 cars per person, so if other family or friends want to send in cars at the same time to save on shipping that’s cool.

 They need to be new in the package 2016 Hot Wheels cars. They don’t need to be mainline cars, so special sets, color shifters, Star Wars, etc. are ok. Just Hot Wheels cars that were on the shelves this year.

The races will be videoed and posted her on the website, YouTube, the Facebook page, etc.
The deadline is December 10th. Racing will start the following week.

If you are interested in racing with us, send an email to and I'll email you the mail-in instructions.

 I’m super excited about this race! I think it would be awesome if someone ended up with a hundred cars or more so tell everybody you think might be interested! See ya in lane two,

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