Sunday, November 29, 2020

Diecast 64 2021 Racing Season Update

 Hey guys, so I’m super excited for the 2021 racing season at Diecast 64.  There are going to be some changes, but there will still be plenty of great racing.  So let’s get to it.


The biggest change this year will be the schedule.  I’m cutting back on the number of races that we will have.  Basically we will be racing every other month instead of monthly.  There are a few reasons for this, the biggest being that I have some new responsibilities and they have really cut into my time.  However, there are a few other reasons that I think this is going to be good and increase the quality of racing.  It will give me a little more time to do a better quality job with the race videos.  It will give racers a bit more time to prepare for races as well.  Sometimes depending on when the 3rd and 4th Saturdays fell in the month, the turnaround from when racers got their cars back to when they mailed out for the next race was very short.  Racing every other month will just allow more time to get everything done both on my end and the racers end which I hope will result in a better experience all around.  

  • Cars will now be due on the 1st Saturday of the Month that we are racing.  

  • Racing will be done over the next two weeks and Race Day, the day the videos will be posted, will be the 3rd Saturday of the Month.  

  • I will work on the Race Report the next week and it will be posted on the 4th Saturday.

  • Cars will be packed up the following week and then mailed out so racers should receive their cars by the first week of the off month.  They will then still have 3-4 weeks to work on cars for the next race month and should be able to get cars mailed off in good time.

Here is the schedule of races.

January (Winter Nationals) 

Open Modified

Modified Street

Feature Stock - Funny Cars

Builder’s Challenge - Heavyweights

March (March Madness)

Open Modified

Modified Street

Feature Stock - Open

Builder’s Challenge - Drag’n’Fly

May (May Mayhem)

Open Modified

Modified Street

Feature Stock - Lightweights

Builder’s Challenge - Gaslands

July (Heatwave Challenge)

Open Modified

Modified Street

Feature Stock - HOTS

Builder’s Challenge - Red Desert Baja

September (D64 hours of Le Mans) 

Open Modified

Modified Street

Feature Stock - Ferraris 

Builder’s Challenge - GT Classic

November (D64 Fall Classic)

Open Modified

Modified Street

Feature Stock - Not Hot Wheels

Builder’s Challenge - Bare Muscle Half-Mile

December (D64 Pro-Am)

D64 Pro Championship Race

D64 Amateur Race


You will notice there have been some changes with regards to classes.  First, there are less than there were last year.  We are back down to 4 classes.  They are: Open Modified, Modified Street, Feature Stock, and Builder’s Challenge.  Here are the highlights for each class.  Specific rules for each class can be found on the Classes page and the page for each Month’s Races.

Open Modified

No major changes in the Open Modified class. At the end of 2020 there were some questions with regards to cars running with bearings.  Cars with bearings will be allowed to run in the Open Modified class but there will be some restrictions on cars with bearings when it comes to results/points/awards which will be discussed in the Awards section.

Modified Street

Mostly the same as last year.  A change will be that concept cars, race cars like Indy Cars/Formula 1 cars, Funny Cars, etc.  will no longer be allowed.  We will try to keep the focus on production cars.

Feature Stock

The stock class will change a bit this year.  Last year the stock class was open to any stock car with very few restrictions.  This year each race will feature a certain theme or type of stock car.  So you will have to look at each month’s rules to see what stock cars will be allowed.  

Builder’s Challenge

This was formerly known as the Feature Race Class.  Aside from a name change it is pretty much the same.  


This is another area that will see some major changes.  In the past each class has been part of a year long championship series with points accumulated throughout the year.  That will no longer be the case.  This year there will not be series points championships.

  • This year achievements will be tracked throughout the year and those that reach a certain level of achievement will be invited to race in the D64 Pro Championship Race at the end of the year to crown a Diecast 64 Season Champion.  The D64 Pro Championship race will be a race with specific regulation/rules that will be announced towards the end of the year.  Trophies will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in that race.  

  • The winning cars in each Open Modified Race and each Modified Street race throughout the year will be kept here at Diecast 64 and raced at the end of the season in a Car Of The Year Race.  First place trophies will be given in each of the Car Of The Year Races.

  • First place trophies will also be given to the winning car in each of the Builder’s Challenge races throughout the year.  

  • As mentioned earlier, some restrictions will be put on Open Modified cars that use bearings.  Open Modified cars that use bearings will be allowed to race in the Open Modified class.  They will count towards achievements earned, but will not qualify for the Car of The Year Race.  The fastest non-bearing car in each Open Modified race will be kept for the Car of The Year Race. While racers will not know what the D64 Pro Championship Race car regulations are until towards the end of the year, one of the regulations will be no bearings.  

  • To qualify for the D64 Pro Championship race at the end of the season and be eligible to vie for the Season Championship, at least 10 of the following achievements must be accomplished.

    • Race in Open Modified

    • Race in Modified Street

    • Race in Feature Stock

    • Race in Builder’s Challenge 

    • Race all classes the same month

    • 400 mph in any class

    • 405 mph in any class

    • 410 mph in any class

    • 415 mph in any class

    • 420 mph in any class

    • Top 15 Open Modified

    • Top 15 Modified Street

    • Top 15 Feature Stock

    • Top 10 Open Modified

    • Top 10 Modified Street

    • Top 10 Feature Stock

    • Finals Open Modified

    • Finals Modified Street

    • Finals Feature Stock

    • Final 4 builders challenge

    • Win Open Modified

    • Win Modified Street

    • Win Feature Stock

    • Win Builders Challenge

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  1. To qualify for the D64 Pro Class, I see Top 15 or Top 10 in all of the classes except Builder's Choice. Is this an error or was it left out intentionally?


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