Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Fastest Hot Wheels Gold Hot Ones That are Great for Racing

 In 1981 Mattel introduced a new line of Hot Wheels called the Hot Ones. It was a line of cars that had new wheels and a thinner axle. The claim was that these cars were going to be faster, and it turns out they were right. Several of the Hot Ones cars turned out to be truly legendary on the track. That being said, they do also have a reputation for being a bit squirrelly on the track sometimes at high speeds. That thin axle can also add a bit of suspension to the hot ones cars and if there are some inconsistencies in the track or the car’s wheels are not balanced very well they can sometimes get a bit out of control. But find a good one and race it on a good track and you will definitely find yourself coming out on top more times than not. The cars were just known as Hot Ones for a time until Mattel released some with silver wheels and then they were differentiated as Silver or Gold Hot Ones. We are going to look at 5 very fast Gold Hot Ones (GHO). 

The Frontrunnin’ Fairmont 

The Frontrunnin’ Fairmont can be an absolute beast on the track. The 1983 Red one with the metalflake paint is the one you want. This legend has a metal body and chassis and weighs in at 51 grams, which is decent when it comes to weight. It is 3 inches long, which is pretty average for a Hot Wheels car. It has good balance and its weight is distributed well. As with any casting, there are fliers and duds, but if you find a flier of this casting it will be elite! 

 Mirada Stocker 

The Mirada Stocker is the only gold Hot Ones car that I have seen even try to keep up with the Fairmonts. The yellow one from 1982 and the gold metalflake one from 1983 seem to be a little quicker than the earlier red ones. With a metal body and metal chassis this car comes in at a solid 51 grams. It is just a hair longer than the Ford Fairmont at 3 and 1/8 inches long. Find a fast one and you will definitely be competitive in every race and find yourself coming out on top in many of them. 

 Flat Out 442 

The Flat Out 442 is generally a step down in speed from the Fairmonts and the Miradas due to its slightly lighter weight, but again, if you happen to find a good one it has the potential to be an absolute flier. Stick with the Yellow 1982 version or the Gold Metalflake 1983 version. At 49 grams it is a bit lighter than our first two GHO cars, but that weight is well distributed over a slightly wider car. The 442 has a pretty average length coming in at 3 inches. Good luck in your 442 hunt because a good one can “Flat Out” fly! 

 Blown Camaro 

The Blown Camaro is pretty light but definitely fast enough to blow out anything Mattel is putting out these days. The black Blown Camaro from 1984 weighs in at 41 grams. It has a metal base and body but is still a bit light. It’s a typical 3 inches long and pretty aerodynamic. While it might not be keeping up with the Fairmonts or Miradas, I’ve seen some that are very fast, and in a lighter weight class or matched up against some newer castings should do very well.


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