Monday, February 9, 2015

King Of The Hill - 2015 Rules and Information

The King of the Hill contest is to find the fastest cars out there. If you’ve got a fast car, let’s race it on “The Hill”! If it’s the fastest it will be crowned King of The Hill.

Each King of the Hill entrant will race on “The Hill Raceway”. Each car will get four runs, two in each lane. The slowest time will be dropped and the remaining 3 time will be averaged. A new King of The Hill will be crowned if the average time is faster than the current King of the Hill’s average time. For interest, entrants will be matched up against other King of the Hill contestants or cars from our own collection. A list of car’s times will be kept so that you can see how your car stacks up against the other entrants.

This contest will continue through November 30th, 2015. There are no set “races”. Cars may be raced at anytime during the year. If you get or build a fast car, let's race it. It will be run as soon as time permits, most likely the weekend.

There are 3 classes cars may be entered in.
  • Stock: These are stock 1/64 scale cars from any brand manufacturer. (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, etc.) These cars have not been modified in any way for speed. Car Requirements: Height: 2 inches max, Length: 4 inches max, Weight: Any weight as long as other conditions are met.
  • Custom: These cars started out as 1/64 scale cars from any brand manufacturer, but have been modified for looks and/or speed. Only dry lubes allowed. Height: 2 inches max, Length: 4 inches max, Weight: 114 grams max. 
  • 2015 Rip n’ Race: This race is limited to Hot Wheels brand cars from the 2015 series. The cars must be new in the package and opened at the track.
Local and Mail-in cars are welcome.

Mail-in cars: Mail-in cars are welcome. Mail-in cars need to be sent with return postage, preferably, a pre-printed return shipping label (See instructions below) but included cash is fine too. If return postage is not included, cars will not be returned. Mail-in 2015 Rip n’ Race cars will not be returned. (They will be kept as competitors for the other races as well as prizes)

Mail-in cars should also be accompanied with an entry form. They should be sent to:
Robby Comeford
P.O. Box 156
Washington, Utah

Return Label Instructions:
  • First go to and set up an account. 
  • Click on the Mail & Ship tab, then select Print & Ship.
  • When filling out the information, edit the return shipping address to be: 
    • Robby Comeford 
    • P.O. Box 156 
    • Washington, Utah 
    • 84780
  • Put your address as the “where are you sending to” address.

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