Friday, March 25, 2016

Hot Wheels Fantasy Pick'em - Season 2 Week 3

Welcome to Season 2 of the Hot Wheels Fantasy Pick'em game.  Each week we race 4 new cars and you have the chance to pick who you think will win.  Make your picks, score points, and most of all, have fun! Here is the week 3 line-up. You can join in at anytime, so even if you haven't picked in previous weeks, make your picks and have some fun.

The Cars

'14 Corvette Stingray

'90 Acura NSX

Volkswagen Caddy

Ford GT

 The Matchups

'14 Corvette Stingray vs '90 Acura NSX
Volkswagen Caddy vs Ford GT

The Picks


This weeks picks have been posted above.  If you've forgotten who you've picked, take a look above, then sit back, click play, and cheer on your cars!  Team standing are updated. You can check them out HERE.  Then make your picks for week 4 HERE.

1 comment:

  1. HOLY HELL.......!!! I need some better picks if I am going to take home that set of cars !!! LOL


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