Monday, November 20, 2017

Hot Wheels Holiday Rip'n'Race - 2017

Our 2017 regular season racing ended in November.  We'll be getting things started back up again in January, but we do have one more race.  The Hot Wheels Holiday Rip'n'Race.  This year we are using the rules for our Hot Off The Shelf race.

Official Rules
  • New in the package Hot Wheels from this year, last year, and next year - 2016, 2017, and 2018 
  • Cars can be mainline cars or any of the special series cars, ie color shifters, character cars, pop culture cars, etc. Just as long as it says Hot Wheels. 
  • Winner take all race - meaning whoever wins gets all the cars in this race
  • 2 cars per entrant 
Races will be videoed and posted online.

Cars due December 9th, 2017.  Racing will start the following week. Video and results will be posted the following Saturday, December 16th.

Local and Mail-in cars are welcome. 

Mail cars to
Robby C
P.O. Box 156
Washington, Utah

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