Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hot Wheels Han Solo in Carbonite

An exciting new Hot Wheels car from Mattel that can really fly.  It can probably even make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!

In this review we are featuring a pretty new car that has performed fairly well on the track. It is the Han Solo in carbonite  car. It seems like most of the new stuff Mattel has been putting out has just not been that fast, but this car has been an exception. It has just the right combination of weight, width, length, and aerodynamics to do some pretty good things on the track.

First of all, the look of the car is quite unique. It just looks like a slab of metal, which is what it feels like too when you pick it up. This car is heavy. One of the heaviest cars in recent memory. It comes in at 64 grams. Anything Mattel is putting out right now that is even close to that has real rider tires so is slow as cold tar. Remember, all that extra weight gives the car extra momentum so it can keep its speed as it races down the track.

Another thing that helps this car in the speed department is its length and width. It is pretty wide as Hot Wheels go and it measures about 3.25 inches in length, which is also pretty long as far as Hot Wheels are concerned. That length and width help keep the car headed straight down the track and not bouncing from sidewall to sidewall losing speed.  Also with the car being so flat, it has a pretty low center of gravity which helps keep all that weight stable and headed in the right direction.

Aerodynamics play only a modest role in the speed of a car, but it is a role and every little bit helps. In some of our monthly races it's only a few ten-thousandths of a second that determines the winners, so even just the slightest advantage can pay off. With its low profile, the Han Solo car is pretty aerodynamic and gives you every chance to win.

Finally, the car just seems to have pretty good wheels. On all the castings I’ve seen they have spun pretty true. And that's a big deal, especially with all that weight. Well balanced, good wheels help all that weight get straight down the track without a lot of bouncing around.

All in all, this is a pretty decent racer. It's exciting to see Mattel put out something recent that can compete on the track with FTEs, Funny Cars, and Hot Ones to name a few from yesteryear.  If you don't have a Han Solo in Carbonite yet you really need to get one to add to your racing collection.

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