Saturday, March 21, 2020

King Kenny Pro Circuit Probe Funny Car

In this review we are taking a close look at the Pro Circuit Probe Funny Car, also known as the King Kenny Funny Car.  If you're looking for a fast car this is definitely one that you want to add to your collection. The Pro Circuit series came out in 1992 and included some Indy, Nascar and Drag Racing style cars. There were two Funny cars in the series.  The Castrol GTX Funny Car and the King Kenny Funny Car.  Both can be very quick, but we will be focusing on the King Kenny car in this review.
As you might expect, being a Funny Car it is a bit heavier than your normal run of the mill Hot Wheels car, but not as heavy as some of the other Hot Wheels funny cars.  The King Kenny Funny car weighs in at 67 grams, as compared with the mega graphics funny car we reviewed in March that weighed 72 grams.  While the weight helps, it's not what gives the king Kenny it's elite speed.

The Pro Circuit cars, including the King Kenny have a bit different wheel set up.  That is advantageous in a couple of ways.  First, because it is a unique wheel that has seen limited production, the molds have not have not been used as much and haven't experienced as much wear.  Because of that, the wheels come out nicer and usually have a better chance at being true and fast.  The thing that is unique about the wheel is that it has a cap on the outside.  This cap keeps the wheel from sliding in and touching the chassis.  Although not always, generally this seems to be advantageous when compared to a normal hot wheels setup.

As with other Funny Cars, the King Kenny's length works to its advantage, helping it stay straight as it races down the track.  It's shape as well as it's length, helps get more of the weight to the back increasing it's potential energy.

While the King Kenny is a Funny Car that opens, all of the ones that I have seen have had a fairly tight fitting body, so unless you pull on the body a bit, it doesn't just come up.  With many of the other funny cars, the body is so loose that you can just tip it upside down and it will come open.  That’s problematic because as it races down the track it "bounces" ever so slightly as the car goes over imperfections in the track.  Just listen to a funny car race down the track and you'll know what I mean.  That vertical movement of the body, however small it is, takes energy.  Energy that should be used on getting the car down that track but is wasted on body movement.  So that tightness that the King Kenny cars have is an advantage versus some of the other funny cars that are much looser.

As with any car, you're going to find fliers and duds, but the probability of finding a really fast car are really good when it comes to the Pro Circuit King Kenny Funny car. You need to make sure you add this car to your racing collection!

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