Over the years I've done lots of different posts that teach or show you how to do things. I thought it might be helpful to get them gathered all in one place.  Hopefully you find something of value here.

The Ultimate Guide To Building a Hot Wheels Race Track

How To Build a Hot Wheels Shelf Track

Modifying Hot Wheels Cars For Speed

Reviews of Fast Diecast Cars

Build Your Own Electronic Hot Wheels Finish Gate

Identifying What Recent Year Hot Wheels Cars Are By The Package

Five Tips for making your Hot Wheels Car Faster

What Makes a Fast Hot Wheels Car?

Ten Tips for Customizing Hot Wheels

Five fast Hot Wheels cars that you need to have in your racing collection

How to edit Hot Wheels racing video using Window Movie Maker for Beginners

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  1. Is there any rule about a car shedding weight after the start ? One of our racers has a small weight that is attached to a string and is pulled off about a foot from the start line. Weight is under 57 with the weight added.


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