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Five fast Hot Wheels cars that you need to have in your racing collection

 So you got a race coming up and your looking for the fastest Hot Wheel car.  If you have one of this 5 cars in your collection you'll have a good chance of winning.  It's very had to say what the fastest Hot Wheels car is, because there are some variables that aren't consistent from car to car.  Sometimes you just have to get a bit lucky and get a good pair of smooth, straight axles and nice, perfectly round wheels.  Not all cars come from the factory that way, although to look at them with the naked eye it would appear so.  That being said, there are some castings that are consistently fast, and below are 5 that every serious racer should have.

Ferrari F40
52 grams

There is some debate as to which Ferrari F40 is the fastest but if you stick with one put out in 2000 or before you'll have a pretty decent car.  The ones I've seen raced with success most often are the gold one pictured below, the yellow one from 2000, and the red ones from the mid-90's.  Don't mess around with the later F40s as any new ones are lighter with plastic parts.  The Ferrari has good weight that is distributed well.  It's low, wide stance helps it run straight and true on the track.

Ferrari F40

Probe Funny Car
72 grams

The Probe Funny Car is a heavy car, so if physics and potential energy have anything to say about it, this should be a fast car...and it is.  There are of course different versions of this car, but the one that I've seen most serious racers use is the yellow and black version from 1999 pictured below.  You can't go wrong with a good set of 5 spoke wheels.

Probe Funny Car

Way 2 Fast (Faster Than Ever)
43 grams

The Way 2 Fast is our next car and can be a very fast car.  Especially if you get the Faster Than Ever  (FTE) version.  Faster Than Ever refers to the type of wheel, and more specifically the axles. The axles are nickel-plated to reduce friction and increase the car's speed.  They work too.  Faster Than Ever cars are generally faster than their non-Faster Than Ever counterparts.  Faster Than Ever cars always have bronze open hole 5 spoke wheel.  They have been produced off and on since 2005, but the 2005-2006 cars seem to be the best.  This Way 2 Fast with Faster Than Ever wheels is a great car for racing.  Even though it's not as heavy as some of the cars on this list, it's FTE wheels and long wheel base are a great combination for speed.  Having most of it's weight in the back increases it's potential energy and helps it's performance.  And hey, it has 2 engines so it's got to be fast!

Way 2 Fast (Faster Than Ever)

Cadillac V-16 Concept (Faster Than Ever)
40 grams

Even though this car is the lightest on the list it is very fast.  You want the Faster Than Ever version from 2005.  This car has a very long wheel base and a nice wide stance. It's low center of mass, weight distribution, and aerodynamics all add up to make the perfect car.  If this car weighed more it would easily be the fastest car Hot Wheels makes.  Still, as it is, very few cars can beat this car.

Cadillac V-16 Concept (Faster Than Ever)

Pro Circuit Kenny Bernstein Funny Car (King Kenny)
64 grams

This car was part of the Pro Circuit series and came out in 1992.  It's not super common and a little tricky to come by, but this is a VERY FAST car!  It has a long wheel base, good weight and wheels that are very rare on Hot Wheels cars.  If you look close you notice that the axle doesn't come all the way through the wheel.  There is a "cap" on it.  These wheels are similar to what you find on a lot of Johnny Lightning cars.  All of this works together to make this on of the fastest stock cars that I own.

Kenny Bernstein Funny Car


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    1. Hot Tub FTE is also a very fast car. All that metal, low center of gravity, wide stance, pretty long wheel base...definitely a good car to have in your collection!

  2. My fastest cars are still my old Hot Ones. They are faster than my FTE's and Ultrahots!


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