Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hot Wheels Fantasy Pick'em - Season 2 Week 2

The second season of the Hot Wheels Fantasy Pick'em Game is underway! Here is the line-up for races in week 2. You can join in at anytime, so even if you haven't picked in previous weeks, make your picks and have some fun.

The Cars


Power Surge

'77 Pontiac Firebird

Muscle Speeder

 The Matchups

Vandetta vs. Power Surge
'77 Pontiac Firebird vs. Muscle Speeder

The Picks


This weeks picks have been posted above.  If you've forgotten who you've picked, take a look above, then sit back, click play, and cheer on your cars!  Check out the updated Team standings HERE.  You can make your picks for week 3 HERE.

Some interesting races this week.  After the first two races it looked like we were going to have a close second round, but soon after the first race was started, it was obvious that the Firebird/Muscle Speeder race was much faster than the Power Surge/Vandetta race as the Firebird easily cruised to victory.  Seeing the results of that race, it was easy to predict what the results of the Muscle Speeder/Vandetta race would be.  Even though Power Surge was second on the podium, it is clear from how close the Firebird/Muscle Speeder race was that Muscle Speeder was clearly the second fastest car, but that's how the matchups played out.

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