The Best in Diecast Racing

Are you looking for some Hot Wheels and other 64th scale diecast racing? Do you need a new challenge, new and exciting tracks and a great racing community to be a part of? Well, you’ve found the right place.

Exciting Hot Wheels Racing Every Month!

We race Hot Wheels and other 64th scale diecast cars every month. We accept both local and mail-in cars. We have traditional downhill tracks as well as several other tracks including our open road track and original one-of-a-kind Baja track.

4 Different Classes

Typically we have 4 different classes to race in.

Chase for the Championship

Points standings will be tracked in each of the 4 classes.  A point scoring system will award racers points by performance, keeping an exciting chase for the championship all the way to the end of each year.

Find out how to race with us, then get some cars sent in! Hope to see ya in lane 2!


  1. I see that you recommend powdered graphite to lube axels, to avoid lube leak associated with liqiud lube. Every time I use the powdered graphite it seems to fall out when I turn the vehicle over. Am I missing something? doing something wrong? Or just an idiot?

  2. Some of the graphite will fall out. When applying it, it can be a bit messy, but as you apply it really try to work it inside the wheel by sliding the wheel back and forth and spinning it. Enough of the graphite will stay inside the wheel and on the chassis where the wheel rubs on it that you should see a definite improvement in how the wheel spins.

  3. Replies
    1. any Hot Wheel that Moves Fast for you...…. :)

  4. Hello
    My name is Steve. I have sent cars up to you to race and felt like you did a good job.
    I would like to buy a reliable 2 Lane timing system for my track. I have watched your video that shows different options but I would like to get your opinion on what you would recommend. It doesn't need to be elaborate but able to give me accurate times. Thank you for your reply.

  5. can i buy one of your hot wheels pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeee


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