Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hot Wheels Halloween Showdown - Round 2 - Regions 1 & 3

Round 2 action started today with races from regions 1 and 3.  As before, all the videos are in slow motion (1/8 speed) so you can see all the action! I would also actually suggest watching the videos on youtube so you can see them full screen.  You'll be able to see the cars better.

Region 1 races included:
  • (1) Corvette Grand Sport vs. (9) Porsche 959
  • (5) Purple Passion vs. (4) '63 T-Bird
  • (6) VW Golf vs. (3) Nissan Custom
  • (7) Ferrari F50 vs. (2) '57 Chevy

(Click here to view on youtube)

Region 3 races included:
  • (1) Monte Carlo Concept Car vs. (9) Screamin' Hauler
  • (12) Mustang Funny Car vs. (4) Weise Brothers Fat Fendered Ford
  • (6) Surf Crate vs. (3) Classic Cobra
  • (7) El Rey Special vs. (2) Lightning Fast Fat Fendered Ford

(Click here to view on youtube)

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