Tuesday, December 3, 2019

2020 Diecast 64 Racing Season Update Summary

The 2020 Diecast 64 racing season is going to be awesome!  We are going to make a few changes, but you can still count on great racing every month!

First here are some highlights of the changes

  • Two new classes will be added to the line-up: Modified Street and Hot Off The Shelf Stock
  • The Sportsman class will be retired 
  • The winning car each month will be kept here at D64 to be raced in a "Car Of The Year" race at the end of the season in all classes except the feature race.  Last year we only kept the open modified cars.
  • There will now be 5 classes to race in, up from 4 last year.  That may require some additional time so video will BEGIN to be posted on the 4th Saturday of the month, with possibly additional video being posted in the few days following the 4th Saturday if needed. 

Here is a summary of how things will look for the 2020 diecast racing season. For official rules check out the rules and classes page HERE.

5 classes
We will have 5 classes to race in this year. The Sportsman class is being retired.  It was fun, and could possibly show up as a feature race in the future or a bonus race once in a while.  Two new classes are being added.  The first new class is Modified Street.  These will be production cars that stay true to the casting.  The second added class is actually a class we are bringing back with some changes - Hot Off The Shelf.   So the five classes will be Open Modified, Modified Street, Open Stock, Hot Off The Shelf, and the Feature Race.

Open Modified 
The Open Modified class will stay pretty much the same as far as the racing.  I like having a class with a consistent weight where you can experiment and try new things and still have a consistent baseline to compare improvements with.  It will continue to be 57 grams and open to pretty much anything that fits the basic weight, height, width, and length requirements.  There is no special way these cars need to look. Again, I’d like this to be a “testing” class of sorts where you can try new things in your quest to make cars faster.  To help keep things interesting and keep people building and innovating, the winning car of each monthly open modified race will be kept here at D64 until the end of the season at which time there will be a “Modified Car of The Year” race.

Modified Street
This is a modified class at 57 grams.  This is the class for the “car guys”.  While sometimes the cars in open modified may stray from traditional looking cars, opting for aerodynamics rather than looks, the Modified Street class is all about looks.  It’s about pulling up to the stop light, looking good, revving your engine, and beating that guy next to you off the line.  These are production cars staying true to the original casting with perhaps some cosmetic modifications like blowers, engines, spoilers, etc. To keep things interesting and keep people building, the winning car of each monthly modified street race will be kept here at D64 until the end of the season at which time there will be a “Modified Street Car of The Year” race.

Hot Off The Shelf
This is a stock race that is fun because those with less extensive collections or less racing experience should still be able to be competitive against more experienced racers. The idea of this race is to be racing Hot Wheels cars that you can go out and buy right now.  We include the current year plus the previous year and the next year, because quite often, depending on when it is during the year you may see the current year, the previous year, and even next year’s cars (if it is towards the end of the year) on the shelf. In previous years our Hot Off The Shelf class was a rip’n’race, but that is NOT how the class will be this year.  Cars may be opened and tested.  Graphite is also allowed.  Only mainline numbered Hot Wheels cars will be allowed in this race.  The winning car each month in this class will be kept here at D64 to be raced in a "Car Of The Year" race at the end of the season.

The Feature Race
The Feature Race class will stay pretty much the same.   I would really like this class to be the premier race each month.  This is where builders really get to show off a bit.  Take everything that you’ve been doing in open modified and apply it to more restrictive requirements.  Where open modified can show who can build fast cars, the feature race will show who can take that skill and build something with certain requirements like a different weight, or a particular look or theme, or to run on a special track.  The Feature Race is a place to show off your best!

Open Stock
Open Stock will remain the same as last year.  Hopefully we will continue to see some of the fastest cars in the country battle it out for the 2020 points championship. In hopes of mixing things up a bit and seeing some different cars on the podium each month, the winning car each month in this class will be kept here at D64 to be raced in a "Stock Car Of The Year" race at the end of the season.

Racer of the Month
The racer of the month award will continue in the 2020 racing season and will be given to the racer that scores the most points that month across all 5 classes.

Diecast 64 Achievements
In addition to the aforementioned awards and recognition, in 2020 we will continue to recognize smaller individual milestones achieved by racers as they continue to race and improve.  These will be kept track of on a leaderboard where racers can continue to see their progress as they strive to be the fastest. Hopefully it will help racers of all levels have more fun, set goals, and continue to improve.   Last year racers received buttons each month commemorating each new accomplishment. This may or may not be the case this year depending on further evaluation of interest.   

I’m really excited to get the 2020 season started.  As the 2019 season finishes up all the pages will be changed to reflect the 2020 updates.

See ya on the track!

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